I was born in 1957.
My early memories are of seeing my cat giving birth to pinky kittens, people going into space, presidents  and black people getting murdered, and my father telling us to switch of the horrible noise of the Beatles on our brandnew black and white television.
My free time as a  youngster was spent mostly on a tenniscourt with my best friend and going on holidays with my family. I still can smell the odour of a fresh clay court after the rain and visualise  the old  "routes nationales" of France we cruised in our Volvo Amazone.
The mid seventies  brought  new interests. Hich-hiking around in Europe, sailing , skiing and as a child of my time...politics, phychedelic music, hippies, girls it sex, drugs and rock and roll...
In 1979, after three years of medical studies, I realised I could not picture myself as a doctor and decided to travel for a few years. With the money I earned as a tennisteacher, I spent  18 months  in Asia and South-East Asia. It was then that I discovered my passion for photography. I had some  successful exhibitions and publications, but at a time when printing in color was very expensive, I had to look for  some other means of income.
So I took up the study of filmmaker, with a specialisation in video documentary. From there I moved on to a multicamera director and finished as head of the production team of a small regional tv-station.
Photography never completely disappeared out of my life, but a lot of my negatives and photographs of the early years did, as they were destroyed in a fire. A good lesson in the volatility of an image.
Recent travels and an unexpected end to my former job made me finally decide to pick up my passion again.